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We make clothing do more for you.

Evolution Wear : “Clothing Evolved”

We have released our new product, the RAPIDSOL Solar Charger. It is currently the world’s fastest solar charger with an output of 2.7 AMPs via a USB C output.

We will never stop creating amazing new products and ideas for you. Our research team at Evolution Wear is committed to bringing you amazing wearable tech- Convenient and Affordable.

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The Rapid Sol & Active Sol T-Shirt

World’s Fastest Solar Charger.

Wearable Tech
Jacket w/ hood.

Wearable Technology

Evolution Wear products will be something you take for granted very soon! Our focus is to make personal energy devices that revolutionize portable power, and then incorporate them with clothing and wearable tech.

We already have quite a few ideas for the future, our first product line is just a taste of what is to come.

Evolution Wear’s products has begun with solar jackets, then expanded to hyper efficient personal solar chargers, and will continue to expand from there.
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