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Wearing a Solar Power jacket does not mean you are geek

By April 25, 2016 Blog No Comments
Wearing a Solar Power jacket does not mean you are geek

Being in love with mobile devices can get a person be labeled as a geek but the reality is we all love our Smartphone, iPad, and iPod and like to carry it around all the time. The difficulty usually starts when we run out of battery and find ourselves in a situation where we do not have a power source. That is where jackets with solar panels come into play because they are really cool. They not only convert sunlight into usable power to charge battery they are also pretty good to look at.

You can plug a cell phone or MP3 player directly into the jacket and the let the music play. Now as mentioned the jacket is also coolly designed which allows you to conceal what you are carrying. It will look like the normal jacket from the outside but it will offer a whole lot more than one would like to bargain because the winter solstice jacket is meant to protect you from harsh weather. It is water resistant, tough and durable to withstand any outdoor activity like camping and hiking and no will think of you as a geek.

Now if that is a jacket one would love to own.

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