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Solar-Powered Jackets available at Present

Solar-Powered Jackets available at Present

There was a time when we would search for latest travel gadgets which will make our journey even more interesting. But things got little bulky over time because with gadgets comes other accessories like battery and cable. But things are fast changing now because now you can carry solar-power with you, how? Your jackets now come with solar-powered panels with the enough power to charge any of your portable electronic gadgets like smart phone, iPad and smart watches. But since this is a fusion of fashion and science you can carry all this safely concealed inside your jacket.

This jacket is designed and developed by Evolution Wear who will soon come up with more innovative fusion of fashion and modern communication technology. When fully charged, the battery contains enough power to completely charge a mobile device and it does not take that much time either. Now you can set aside your travel woes and never worry about losing battery charge.

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