Evolution Wear® STEADY SOL.™ Solar Charger with TRUE 1 AMP USB OUTPUT

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Built from the same panel as the World’s Fastest Solar Charger – Rapid Sol®.

The Steady Sol Features a high efficiency solar panel with USB 1.0 AMP output.

This is not like other solar panels that claim 1.0 AMP and only deliver .01-.4AMP.

You will get 1 AMP of power in good sunlight with this product.

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The Evolution Wear® Steady Sol™ – is one of the world’s fastest and highest efficiency solar chargers available on the market today. Featuring 24% Raw Wafer efficiency, the Steady Sol™ outputs near 1 AMP of steady power in Direct Sunlight. It can charge, Go Pros, Action Cams, Phones, Portable Batteries, Power Banks, any USB device at 5V. 7W of power at 22-24% efficiency provides unlimited use cases. Made from the same panel as the Rapid Sol; the Steady Sol will give you good solar power for your outdoor needs.



7 inches X 14.5 inches X 2mm





Q: Does the solar panel replenish the built In battery on the RapidSol quickly?

A: Yes, absolutely. When receiving sunlight, the RapidSol tells you how much energy you are putting into the battery via the 5LED indicator lights. When flashing 3 or higher, the RapidSol can charge extremely quickly.

Q: Is the RapidSol Water Proof?

A: The panel itself is water proof, any water on the panel will not harm the panel at all. Limiting water exposure to the circuit is highly recommended as this portion is not completely water proof, however is water resistant.  The STEADY SOL panel is completely water resistant, with a resistant circuit featuring a rubber close loop for the USB circuit.

Q: What do I do if it overheats?

A: If you are in high heat over 85-90degrees F, 29-32 Celsius, for best performance keep battery portion covered with cloth or in shade or let it cool in a cold place if you see cylon indicator blinking only “1” direct sun after 10-20 minutes. Usually throwing in a freezer for 10–15 seconds will immediately solve this issue or storing it in a cool place for 90 seconds will allow you to get 5 leds. Rapid Sol will still work in high heat but will collect energy at 30% speed due to safety reasons.

When functioning properly Rapid Sol will blink 1 even under a bedside or table lamp with a standard light bulb after circuit button is pushed once. Push button to see charge status/ turn on solar meter.

Try not to bend Rapid Sol past 15 degrees. It is only flexible to allow easy attachment to items.

Be sure to read instruction manual for proper use.

Q: How fast is the Steady Sol panel compared to the RapidSol?

A: The SteadySol panel features a 1 AMP output, the RapidSol panel features a 2.7 AMP output.

Q: Can it charge tablets?

A: The Rapid Sol™ has a 14W total output & can absolutely charge most tablets with USB input, however it will require ample sunlight to do so. The Steady Sol™ can charge almost any powerbank, which in turn can charge tablets.

Q: Will Evolution Wear provide support after the RapidSol is purchased?

A: Yes, absolutely, all products are covered by 90 day standard warranty. You may also purchase the Care Package for an additional 2 year warranty.

Q: What is the wafer efficiency of both of the panels?

A: Both products the RapidSol and SteadySol feature a 22% fully encapsulated wafer efficiency and a 24% raw wafer efficiency. Making them among the most elite tier of solar wafer quality.


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