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If you are a traveler at heart a Wearable tech Jacket can come in handy

If you are a traveler at heart a Wearable tech Jacket can come in handy

Communication technology has made leaps and bounds in the last ten years and with the advent of smartphones and social media like facebook, twitter and snapchat the way we communicate has changed the course of human history. It does not matter where you are and in which part of the world but if you have a smartphone or an Ipad with internet it is simply not possible for a person not to catch up with what’s been happening around the world and say hi to friends.

So addictive our need to stay connected it is inconceivable to stay away from our electronic gadgets. But at the same time the desire to get away from everyone is also very strong and the best way to do that is to go away to some remote log cabin where it’s you and nature. But if the need arises there has to be a way to contact someone and if there is no power source the next best thing is a smart jacket. Yes jackets are smart because now thanks to wearable technology it has the capability to generate enough power to give life to your phone battery.

Jackets with solar panels attached are a clean and uninterrupted source of electricity capable of charging phone and other mobile devices. But our traveler also wants to look sharp which is why the jackets are also very easy on the eyes. Using the best polymers it also keeps the user warm the jacket can be worn by both men and women and for those who have adventurous streak in them it is just perfect because it is designed for some rough use. So if you like to travel and enjoy staying off the grid for some time in some remote place this is the jacket for you to keep in touch with civilization.

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