To Know The Elements
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Sol Charge Pack ELEMENT #1

Evolution Wear

4400 MAH battery.

Solstice Solar Charger ELEMENT #2

new-panel-008” src=”×200.jpg” alt=”Banner2″ width=”300″ height=”200″ /> Our new Rapid Sol and Steady Sol Solar Chargers are the fastest in the world! The Rapid Sol Features a 2.7 AMP 14 Watt 1 panel solution with the Steady Sol featuring a 7W 1 AMP output.

Jacket|Solar Backpack

Our extremely well crafted Jacket|Backpack lines will be exceptionally pleasing to your body. Our current line the Winter Solstice line includes elements 1 and 2 (pricing may vary with Rapid Sol Option) above with our Jacket|Backpack and is available for presale today!

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    HTC One m8


    4 hours in sunlight = 2.5 to 3 bars on SolChargePack


    Iphone 6s+ 3 bars from Sol ChargePack


    Galaxy s6 edge 3 bars from Sol ChargePack


    Iphone 6s 2 bars from Sol ChargePack