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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Solar Power Jackets to Charge your Smart Phones is a reality

Solar Power Jackets to Charge your Smart Phones is a reality

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We are doing something important and suddenly our smart phone, tablet runs clean out of power. Now this scenario has happened with just about all of us and it can be frustrating, but it’s quite possible those days are over. And sure, there are a few products out in the market to help you out but most of them are an extra device that you have to charge, and then carry around with you.

But what if you can carry the device all the time and never worry about charging? Would that not be great? Now it is a reality thanks to Evolution Wear which is a young design company which has made great strides in wearable technology.

Evolution Wear wants to make your jacket your portable charger and all this is possible with the help of attaching solar panels on your jackets. So now you can not only wear a beautifully designed jacket which has unlimited charging capability for your electronic items you are also protected from the elements.

It's time to face a new trend and it’s called Wearable Technology

It’s time to face a new trend and it’s called Wearable Technology

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Right now many vendors are working on wearable technology and it is going to be the next big thing and sales are going to go through the roof. Wearable technology has been around but only since the last one year it has gotten a lot of attention and Evolution Wear is one such company which has gone lock stock and barrel into designing and promoting wearable technology clothes which will not only allow users to keep their mobile devices but also charge them anytime and anywhere with the help of clean solar energy.

Until recently, wearable technology was only limited to fitness and medical worlds, but it was only natural that with the push of time it will gradually gravitating towards daily use and fashion. With more high-tech electronic gadgets like the Google Glass and smartwatches are being developed and sold in the market it has also become very important to ensure the users of such devices have access to clean and independent power source. And Evolution Wear has the right answers because wearable clothes and devices are the future.

Wearable technology is the new trend in apparel and accessories

Wearable technology is the new trend in apparel and accessories

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One of the fast-growing fields in fashion right now is wearable apparel and accessories that contain technology which has found common ground with the fashion world. This is one of the water shed moments in our lives where engineers and fashion designers have learned to bring clothes and accessory together.

The fact is wearable technology landscape continues to grow and evolve in its complexity because every day new ways are found to make sure design and aesthetics go hand in hand. This is why designers must keep in mind how the consumers behave so it is important to develop products that cater to the shifting market demand.

This is why wearable technology leaders like Evolution Wear are constantly in touch with all the trends by keeping in mind the following

  • No matter how one may fuse fashion and technology if it does not add “Style” no one will buy it
  • The next point is “functionality’ and does it meet the expectation of the consumer
  • Last but not least “Price” or the amount the consumer is willing to pay

A large number of consumers are already gravitating towards wearable technology and consumers have expressed interest in purchasing smart watches and wearable smart glasses but are looking at ways to get the maximum out of it. Already many people are conjoined to their smart phones and iPads and wearable technology is helping them store it and charge it anytime and anywhere while fulfilling their style quotient.