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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wearable technology is fun and fashionable

Wearable technology is fun and fashionable

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When people wear clothes which have wearable technology it is a lot of fun because you not only can look very stylish but at the same time keep close all your tech gadgets like iPhone, iPad and smart watches and have them charged all the time. Actually, the truth is you will be able to charge them anytime anywhere.

Smart wearable technology has changed the world we know it because never before fashion and technology have come so close. Imagine you are out in the forest trekking and you do not have to worry about charging your electronic devices because you have access to uninterrupted power supply.


Simple, on the back of the jacket there is a solar panel which will give unlimited power supply and it is very safe. Also, the jacket is more than capable to protect you from the elements like rain and cold wind. This is perfect for those people who love camping and others who love the outdoors.

Wearable Clothing Technology helping businesses

Wearable Clothing Technology helping individual and businesses

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By adopting Wearable technology at an individual and business level, many are finding its increased benefits, including how it improves an individual’s personal life or his or her contribution towards company’s performance. Wearable technology has forced businesses to analyze the data from which they can collect in wider context surrounding because wearable technologies are providing meaningful insights that can be used to improve performance and satisfaction.

Evolution wear smart clothes can turn into a mobile workforce

More companies these days take employee satisfaction very seriously which is why organizations are going mobile which allows employees to work from practically anywhere. We are now relying more and more on mobile devices like smartphones and iPad which can now be easily charged without looking for power source because you are the source. Wearable technology and smart clothes are fast becoming a integral part of our life because no matter where you may be you smart jacket will have flexible solar panels and you can store all your electronic gadget without looking bulky.

Bring Revolution to Wearable Technology

Bring Revolution to Wearable Technology

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Can you think of one person who is on such rush to catch the train to work, dashing across town for a client meeting or running late for his or her date reach for the smartphone and realize the phone has barely any power? Panic sets in and you start to think things which you normally wouldn’t but suddenly you would realize ready-to-wear “smart” jacket has built in charger. Sudden rush of adrenalin is overcome by serenity.

It might sound like science fiction where such jacket is worn by Iron Man, Tony Stark but what sounds like the stuff of sci-fi is very much true because clothes have already been doubled up to carry gadgets like mobile phones, tab, cameras or bracelets integrated into a garment. The stories you need to read, in one handy email.

Evolution Wear is one such company that has pushed the envelope and has found success in fusing technology with clothing and in future will be coming up with some of the most innovative stuff. Already there is acceptance by fashion watchers because the jackets are trendy and at the same time strong enough to take on the elements. Our desire to be in touch with nature and people has now been achieved because the technology has evolved. We have now reached to a point where it can now be synthesized with clothing and the goal is to merge it into all kinds of clothing.