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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Evolution Wear is all about Wearable Tech

Evolution Wear is all about Wearable Tech

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We all need a little fashion inspiration or to make a fashion statement every now and then. This applies to some people all around the year but when the weather outside is cold. Which is why it necessary to wear something which is fashionable and ultra durable during winter.

Using of Wearable Tech

That is why the Wearable technology Clothing from Evolution Wear has taken clothing to a new level. The aim is to introduce clothes which not only covers our body to protect us from the elements but convey style, individuality and fashion. What Evolution Wear wants to achieve is create a clothing line that actually has the function.

The product lines will have multi-purpose future which will allow athletes train down the road. We want Evolution Wear to be the revolution in clothing. They want to concentrate with jackets and coats and then slowly expand from there. The creative team is working for future potential growth and design clothes line to expand to every part of the body. Which means more innovative ideas for the expansion of   future product line are in motion?