We make clothing do more than just cover your body, and make revolutionary Personal Energy Devices (P.E.Ds™) .

Evolution Wear is a company aspiring to take clothing to a new level. We desire to make clothing more than just material used to cover the body and convey style/fashion. What do we mean by saying this? We want to create clothing that actually has function! Our product lines will be multi-purpose tools of the future.
Just released Evolution Wear® Rapid Sol™ High Efficiency/ High Speed Solar Charger uses 2.7 AMP USB-C charging combined with the highest quality solar wafers available on the market offers unparalleled charging speeds with true freedom using the sun as a power source.
Evolution Wear’s products will begin primarily with jackets and coats, then expand from there. There is an immense room for potential growth and product development that can expand to every part of the body.
We already have quite a few ideas for the future, our first product line is just a taste of what is to come. Discover for more that is latent!
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